“Every school should have functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.”

Friends of School

A few years ago, David N. Roach was apart of the “Friends of McClymonds” effort which helped to revitalize McClymonds High School Alumni Association. I had taught Business at McClymonds some years prior and witnessed a decline in the schools spirit after the passing of Mr. Belford and the school was divided into three schools (Kizmet, BEST, Excel).

From the above experience, I found value that “a friend” could bring to a school.

We believe, instead of coming into a school with a new program or organization, we can strengthen the school by equipping it with its basic three organizations functioning and actively involved in the preservation and promotion of the school and its surrounding community.

Once the schools basic organizations are functioning, Friends of School.org promotes these organizations to collaborate as The Intergenerational Enterprise and administer their school’s garden, farmers market and grocery store.