Why Friends of School?

One would be surprised by the inequities that exist between schools in the categories of leadership and capacity building. For example, which schools have functioning student government association’s and which ones don’t? When ones have a Parent Teacher Association and which ones don’t? Which ones have an alumni association and which ones don’t?

It typically depends on the Principal or if a few concerned /community leaders have gotten involved. The schools that have or don’t have could be in the same district.

From my observation, I would argue that schools in under-served communities have a greater tendency to not have these basic organizations on campus. If they do, rarely are all three functioning.

The major function of The Friends of School Program is to focus on recruiting members for these organizations and to eventually influence them to form collaboration we call   The Intergenerational Enterprise.

The Friends of School Program recommends school sites to host a monthly volunteer day on the 1st Saturday of every month to keep the community connected to the affairs of these organizations and to further the volunteer efforts of the school site.

SAVE THE DATE’S – October 7th, 2017 to start your 1st Saturdays at your school site.