(forwarding Brian Stanley and Oakland Ed Fund letter)

“Why did they do this to our school?”

Dear David,

“Why did they do this to our school?” Acorn Woodland students asked their teachers on Monday, after staff discovered over $20,000 in vandalism from a weekend break-in.

Sadly, there was no good answer for the destruction of computers, sports equipment, and classrooms at the much-loved East Oakland school.

Can you give $20, $50, even $100 today to help Acorn Woodland bounce back? We’d love for teachers to be able to re-focus kids on all the folks lifting them up.

Your gift will help restore the computers, sports equipment, and other resources Acorn Woodland relies on to create a rich learning environment. You’ll also help them purchase security cameras and better monitor their campus.

Principal Leroy Gaines said: “The school is a home for students, and for them to walk in and see this makes them feel they aren’t safe. And that interferes with learning.”

Let’s show Acorn Woodland students, staff, and families that for every person who might tear down what they’ve built, there are many, many more who have their back.

Thank you for showing up for schools!

Brian and the Ed Fund team